The 3rd Peking University Doctoral Forum on Aging and Health

1 Introduction to the forum

To promote the academic exchange of Aging and Health research, broaden the academic vision of doctoral students, and improve the research level, The 3rd "Peking University Doctoral Forum on Aging and Health" will be held at Peking University on October 17, 2018, its sponsored by Graduate School of Peking University, Institute of Population Research of Peking University, APEC Health Science Academy of Peking University. The forum is held once a year, and is based on the interdisciplinary study of population and health. It is committed to providing a dialogue mechanism for interdisciplinary and integrated research on aging research, stimulating independent innovation awareness, improving research level, and contributing to the development of China's Aging and Health cause.

2 Topics

The main topics of this forum include (but are not limited to):
1. Old age health talents and education
1.1 Elderly resource development
1.2 Elderly health management and service personnel training
2. Aging and Health Industry and Practice
2.1 Innovation and Practice of Pension Service Models
2.2 Old age welfare technology innovation and practice
2.3 Elderly livable environment construction and aging experience research
3. Old age health economy and policy
3.1 Elderly Health Economics Evaluation
3.2 Elderly Health and Labor Markets
4. Reform of the old age health system
4.1 Reform of the aged care service system
4.2 Reform of the elderly population medical system
5. Old age healthy society and family
5.1 Old age discrimination and abuse issues
5.2 Residence arrangements and aged care
6. Health promotion and disease prevention
6.1 Old age spirit and physical health
6.2 Long-term care
6.3 Hospice care
7. Other related research

3 Forum schedule

The forum will last for one day, including the keynote report, the main venue display, the breakout venue display, and the poster display. In the main report section, first-class scholars at home and abroad will be invited to give special reports on topics related to Aging and Health and cutting-edge hotspots. In the main venue report session, excellent authors will be invited to report and communicate at the main venue. In the session of the venue, senior experts and scholars from relevant fields at home and abroad will be invited as guests, and the comments will be reviewed and exchanged and discussed around the theme of the sub-forum. In the poster presentation session, excellent academic poster authors will be invited to participate in the live exchange exhibition during the conference.

4 Call for Papers

1. Call for submission: Ph.D. and postgraduate students from mainland China and at home and abroad.
2. Participants are requested to submit abstracts and full texts of the papers in English or in Chinese. The number of abstract words is no more than 600 words, and the number of papers is not less than 6,000 words. It has not been published.
3. The full text of the paper includes: title, abstract, keywords, text, references. Abstract and full-text format and template can be found by clicking on the attachment.
4. The home page of the article should contain the following information: author's name, school, detailed mailing address, contact number, email, article title, Chinese and English abstracts of up to 600 words, and 3-5 keywords.
5. Forum submission email The file name and email subject are “3rd DOCTORAL FORUM + Subject Number + Unit + Name”.
6. The title and abstract of the paper should be submitted to the designated email address before September 30, 2018. The full paper should be submitted to the designated email address before October 7, 2018.

5 Review and reward methods

This forum will invite relevant experts to anonymously review the received academic papers to identify forum speakers and academic poster producers, and select excellent academic papers and excellent academic posters. The specific rewards are as follows:
1. Excellent academic papers will be included in the collection of this forum. The proceedings will be published in the form of international conference proceedings and submitted to CPCI (Web of Science) and CNKI. The collection will also have ISSN and ISBN, particularly excellent articles can give priority to the journal Population and Development (人口与发展). The related expenses such as publishing are borne by the author himself.
2. Excellent academic paper contributors will be invited to receive an oral report at the venue.
3. Academic poster creators will be given the opportunity to exchange presentations on the day of the forum.
4. On the day of the forum, one first prize will be selected from academic papers and academic posters, two second prizes and three third prizes will be awarded.
The conference does not charge the conference fee, the organizer provides a working lunch; the transportation fee and accommodation fee are self-care, and the organizer will provide a list of recommended hotels.

6 Forum contact and contact information

1. Call for papers: Wu Zhendong; E-mail:
2. Forum contact: Wang Deli; Tel: 010-62751974; E-mail:

3. Templates: English Template and Chinese Template

Peking University Population Research Institute
Peking University Institute of Gerontology
Peking University APEC Health Sciences Research Institute
Peking University China Institute of Aging Development
September 18, 2018