Prof. Dr. Gong Chen, Peking University

Gong Chen, PhD, doctoral supervisor, professor, director of Institute of aging studies, executive deputy director of Institute of Population Research/WHO Collaborating Center on Reproductive Health and Population Science at Peking University. Professor Chen is currently the director of Institute of Aging Studies of Peking University, executive deputy director of the Chinese Center of Disability and Development of Peking University, deputy editor of the Journal of ‘Population and Development’ and ‘Disability Research’, and the President of the Peking University Aging Industry Forum Expert Alliance.
Prof. Chen,as the principal investigator, has successfully conducted more than 50 key research projects awarded by Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Fund, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and other state ministries and commissions, his research include the Aging Industry Status and Development Trend of Aging Industry of China, the Financial Support for the Development of The Aging Industry Financing System Planning, the Gerontechnology for the Elderly and Disabled and the Measures of Assistive Devices Development, the Rural Pension Service in China, New Infectious Disease and Population Health in China, Land and the Elder’s Security System in Rural China, the Health Promotion of The Elderly in Chinese Community, the Long-Term Care Service and Remote Service System, the Demand and Service of the Elderly in Mainland China and Taiwan, the Employment Support and Allowance System of Disability, the Disability Prevention Strategy in China, China Disability Status Monitoring Survey, the Survey on Chinese Disabled Children and Women, etc. Prof. Chen also directed the assessment of the implementation of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging in China in the fifth and tenth years. Prof. Chen has participated in drafting, revising and writing many major national policy documents on population such as the "Report on the National Population Development Strategy", and the "Opinion on Promoting the Development of the Disability Career of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council".
In recent years, Prof. Chen has published more than 68 SCI/SSCI papers and more than 99 CSSCI/CSCD articles. He has translated and published 29 books . He has won more than 20 scientific research awards such as the first prize of science and technology progress award by the Ministry of Education, the special award in disability survey by the State Council. He was also awarded as the Outstanding Party and Ideological and Political Workers of Peking University, Outstanding Party Members, Outstanding Teaching Award, Outstanding Economics Scholar Award by ICBC, etc.
Prof. Chen was appointed as the coordinator of the aging and health cooperation unit of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU), the co-chair of the Gerontechnology and Aging Industry Forum of Taiwan and Mainland China, and the secretary-general of the Peking University Health Science Academy (HeSAY). Prof. Chen also served as the deputy director and secretary-general of the Teaching & Research on Aging Committee of Gerontological Society of China, deputy secretary-general of the China Disability Research Society, the technical expert of the National Information and Accessibility Expert Committee, the executive member of the council of the China National Industry Association on Aging and so on.
In addition, Prof. Chen was the group leader of the national experts group for the survey on demands and services of people with disabilities, director of the national experts committee for the update data on demands and services of people with disabilities, deputy group leader of the national experts group for the national disability prevention action plan, the expert of the poverty alleviation work group for people with disability under the State Council, and the member of the experts advisory committee for the "13th Five-Year" developing program of disability career in China. In 2010, Prof. Chen was elected as member of youth committee of the Chinese Central Government Departments. In May 2014, Prof. Chen was awarded as the National Advanced Individual in Helping People with Disabilities, met by Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, and Premier Li Keqiang. In January 23, 2015, Prof. Chen reported the proposal of the disability and social welfare system to the CPPCC Chairman, Mr. Yu Zhengsheng, which was broadcasted in the CCTV news.

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